Only a month until Hetalia Day 2015!

save-the-date-2015 The seventh (yes, seventh) Hetalia Day is happening on October 24, 2015* (Saturday).

What started as a suggestion to dress up as Hetalia characters on United Nations Day has grown into an annual Hetalia event run by volunteers and attended by hundreds all over the world. At a HetaDay meetup you can hang out with local fans, cosplay your favorite country, exchange fanart with fellow artists, participate in Hetalia-themed activities, and more!

Head on to the directory to find your meetup. (If you’ve organized one and it’s not listed yet, please let me know at [email protected].)

If this is your first time attending or hosting, the FAQ might help you. You should note that Hetalia Day has a Code of Conduct that attendees must comply with.

Or if you want to know what it’s like to attend a meetup, visit the Hetalia Day gallery for photos or our Tumblr for fan reports.

Hope to see you there!


*Most meetups are scheduled for that day, but some will happen on other weekends of October or November. Be sure to check the actual date at your meetup’s website!

What happens in a meetup?

I get this question every year, and the answer to that is “It varies.” The food, the games, the activities are different per meetup.

So let some of our organizers and attendees tell you about their experience. For organizers, maybe the following can help you come up with¬†activities. For possible¬†attendees, maybe these will help you decide finally if you’re going to attend a meetup or not.


You can also check out the posts tagged “fan report” in our Tumblr or our site gallery.

Hetalia Day 2014 is this Saturday, October 25!

Event Flyer jpg

The first Hetalia Day was held in 2009, when Hetalia fans from all over gathered to meet with friends they made online through their interest for the comic and anime Hetalia. They planned for the gathering to coincide with United Nations Day (October 24). Since then, this Hetalia “holiday” has been held every year on a weekend towards the end of October.

This year is our sixth year of celebrating Hetalia Day. Come join us for a day filled with fun and friendship!

Find your meetup
There are over a hundred meetups happening in various cities around the world. Click here to find the closest one near you.

In the case that there’s no meetup nearby, you can host your own. Click here for more details. (Please note that those aged 16 and below are not advised to organize public meetups on their own.)

The Code of Conduct
If you are attending a meetup, please abide by the Code of Conduct. (It’s available in French, Spanish, Portuguese and German as well.)

It’s a tradition to send pictures of your local meetup. We want to know Hetalia Day happends around the world! Organizers, make sure that you have a group photo that’ll be on our 2014 album. You can send a short write-up about your meetup too.

Welcome to Hetalia Day 2014!

Event Flyer - short

Since 2009, Hetalia fans worldwide have been meeting up on a single day, in cities worldwide, to hangout with their fellow fans and have Hetalia-themed activities. This year, Hetalia Day is on October 25th (Saturday).

With 90 days until that day, you can now check our directory for meetups in your location. More meetups get submitted as Hetalia Day approaches, so be sure to check back if your city isn’t on the list right now. But if you want to host one, our FAQ can help you get started. (Please be advised that it’s not recommended for those aged 17 and below to host public meetups on their own.) You can also visit our Hetalia Day voting page to check where a meetup is in high demand.

If this is your first time attending this event, please read the FAQ for attendees.

There is one word that’s most often used to describe what Hetalia Day’s like, and it’s FUN! We hope you can join us on this once-a-year event.

(Thank you to RSpanner for the background photo!)