thank you

I’d like to thank everyone who came to HetaDay 2015. Even if the meetup was far, even if it was a busy or inconvenient weekend for you, even if the weather was terrible.

I’d also like to thank those who couldn’t make it to the meetups but celebrated with us in their own ways.

I’m thankful for the HetaDay hosts. They volunteer year in and year out, sacrificing time and money, to make sure we have a blast on that one day.

Thanks to Himaruya-sensei for creating Hetalia, and to the various publishing, production, and distribution companies that make the anime and manga available.

Thank you all, and see you in HetaDay 2016!


If you’re wondering where Hetalia Day meetups have been held in the past (but are feeling too lazy to scan the directories), then here’s something for you.

Every past meetup  (that’s not striked out) in the directories has been plotted in a Google Map.


Because there’s a limit to how many markers/places that can be displayed in one page, there are two versions of this map.
Version 1: The real map, which is divided into two pages.
Version 2: A hack of the first map, which displays all the markers.

Feel free to explore any of the two!

A reminder: All meetups registered so far are listed in the directory. If you’re hoping for a meetup in your city, visit the Hetalia Day Wanted Here! page. Vote for your city, so that other fans may know that there’s interest for meetup in your area.

Here’s a workaround for the Facebook “public event” problem

(I’m referring to this problem.)

Workaround (for the Facebook hosts):
1. Add this Facebook account as a friend:
2. Add it as a host to the event, and let’s see if from that account we can set the event to Public.

That is how we solved this problem previously. But it only worked for some.

Workaround (for the rest of the attendees):
If you still can’t view that event, add the said Facebook account above, and if I am a host of that event, I’ll invite you.

Some public Facebook events aren’t public at all.

Many thanks to those who participated in the Facebook survey.

(Recap: For the survey, I shared ten Hetalia Day meetup webpages which are posted as Facebook events and fanpages. These are set up so that everyone should be able to see them, but apparently that’s not what’s happening. So I asked you if you can view it or not.)

The results:
All respondents said that they cannot view those event pages.
For the fanpage, it can only be viewed by those within the US.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I have already reported the problem with Facebook. Meanwhile, try not to set up your Hetalia Day website through Facebook. I’ve received reports of fans who have plans to go to this or that meetup, but cannot view the time or place because of the problematic Facebook pages.

A little help with Facebook events [Survey]

I can’t view some of the Hetalia Day FB events that are sent to the directory. And yet the organizers promise that they’ve set the setting to “Public”. This problem was reported to Facebook three weeks ago, but with no luck.

I need to know if the problem is with Facebook in general, or just with my account. If you have time, and can access Facebook, please fill this survey.

(Sorry, links don’t work in Google forms, so you have to highlight each link then right-click.)

ETA: Survey is now closed. Thanks to those who participated! Results can be viewed on the  following blog post..