Some Facebook details

Edit: October 3, 2013

The URL became available!

Hetalia Day’s FB page has moved from ->

Facebook page name and URL
If you follow Hetalia Day on Facebook, then you know that the url of the fanpage is

Why is that so? When that Facebook page was created in 2009, I thought that Hetalia Day was just a one-time thing. Thus the “09” in the end.

After Hetalia Day 2009, it turned out that Hetalia Day will be held the next year, and the year after that, and so on. So I tried to change the name. But the page already had at least a thousand fans, and according to Facebook policy, changing the name isn’t possible anymore:


Even changing the URL is a no go:fb-before

When I was editing the Facebook info page earlier this year, I found this:


What do you know! Facebook is now allowing a URL change for us!

I wanted to rename it to However…

I wonder why isn’t available. (When you go to that address, the browser redirects you to the Facebook homepage. Somebody else probably used that name, and deleted the page.)

So for now, we are sticking to


Facebook page category

As for the category: there are more categories now than when the page was created. Currently, the page is categorized under Other > Community.
Do you think it should be changed or not?