Only a month until Hetalia Day 2015!

save-the-date-2015 The seventh (yes, seventh) Hetalia Day is happening on October 24, 2015* (Saturday).

What started as a suggestion to dress up as Hetalia characters on United Nations Day has grown into an annual Hetalia event run by volunteers and attended by hundreds all over the world. At a HetaDay meetup you can hang out with local fans, cosplay your favorite country, exchange fanart with fellow artists, participate in Hetalia-themed activities, and more!

Head on to the directory to find your meetup. (If you’ve organized one and it’s not listed yet, please let me know at [email protected].)

If this is your first time attending or hosting, the FAQ might help you. You should note that Hetalia Day has a Code of Conduct that attendees must comply with.

Or if you want to know what it’s like to attend a meetup, visit the Hetalia Day gallery for photos or our Tumblr for fan reports.

Hope to see you there!


*Most meetups are scheduled for that day, but some will happen on other weekends of October or November. Be sure to check the actual date at your meetup’s website!

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