In 2009, some Hetalia fans on Livejournal thought that it would be great to meet up with other Hetalia fans on the 24th of October. Not only would they get to hang out with other people who shared their interest in Hetalia, but they would also be doing it on United Nations Day. After all, Hetalia has renewed their interest in world history, culture and international relations. The idea gained support on the Hetalia Livejournal community where members agreed to organize gatherings in their respective cities. Thus, the first Hetalia Day was held.

Hetalia Day 2009 was a success, and since then there has been an annual global meetup for Hetalia fans. Because UN Day sometimes didn’t fall on a weekend for the following years, the event is just held on the weekend of October closest to UN Day.

Previous Hetalia Day dates:

2009: 24 October
2010: 24 October
2011: 22 October
2012: 20 October
2013: 26 October
2014: 25 October
2015: 24 October
2016: 22 October
2017: 21 October
2018: 20 October

This year, Hetalia Day 2019 is scheduled on 19 October (Saturday).

How it works

Meetups are submitted to this site so that they can appear in the directory. The directory lists meetups from all around the world. Fans check the directory for meetups closest to their area. If there is none, they can simply wait for one or organize their own and then submit it to the directory.

After the event, one photo per meetup is collected and displayed on our gallery.

What is Hetalia?

Hetalia is a Japanese webcomic by Himaruya Hidekaz, which was later adapted as a manga and anime. It’s  a comedy series on history and culture  where the characters are (stereotypical) personifications of countries.

The Hetalia manga and anime are licensed in different countries, and as of 2013 the anime is currently on its 5th season.

In Japan, the manga is published by Gentosha and the anime is produced by Studio Deen.

The Hetalia manga was translated into English, German, Hungarian, Italian, Portugese (Brazil), Polish, Czech, Russian, Thai and Traditional Chinese while the anime was dubbed in English, Mandarin and  Tagalog.


While Hetalia Day is an unofficial fan event, we have been acknowledged/mentioned by some publishers/companies and online media in the past.

You can contact us at [email protected].