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Hetalia Day wouldn’t exist if not for hetalia, hetalia_ph and hetaliaday.

Graphics and Design

Our current icon is made by @piyoduki. The header images that appear in this website and in our social media pages use photos from the following meetups:

  • Rome
  • Sydney
  • Perth
  • Paris, France 2009
  • Czech Republic 2010
  • Dusseldorf 2010
  • Singapore 2010
  • Guangzhou 2011
  • Hubbard 2012
  • Moscow 2012
  • Jakarta 2012
  • Des Moines 2013
  • New York City 2013
  • Istanbul 2013
  • Bogota 2014
  • Ho Chi Minh City 2017

Thanks as well to pangxie221, legolaslover, 777, rosel-d, RSpanner, and all the photographers and participants who’ve shared their photos.


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Thanks to all past and present contributors!