Welcome to Hetalia Day 2014!

Event Flyer - short

Since 2009, Hetalia fans worldwide have been meeting up on a single day, in cities worldwide, to hangout with their fellow fans and have Hetalia-themed activities. This year, Hetalia Day is on October 25th (Saturday).

With 90 days until that day, you can now check our directory for meetups in your location. More meetups get submitted as Hetalia Day approaches, so be sure to check back if your city isn’t on the list right now. But if you want to host one, our FAQ can help you get started. (Please be advised that it’s not recommended for those aged 17 and below to host public meetups on their own.) You can also visit our Hetalia Day voting page to check where a meetup is in high demand.

If this is your first time attending this event, please read the FAQ for attendees.

There is one word that’s most often used to describe what Hetalia Day’s like, and it’s FUN! We hope you can join us on this once-a-year event.

(Thank you to RSpanner for the background photo!)