Hetalia Day 2013: directory now open for meetups!

In case you missed it: Hetalia Day 2013 is going to be held on the 26th of October, a Saturday. As always,  it is just a recommended date.

The directory is now open for your meetups! Email your Hetalia Day details (where, when, website) to [email protected]. (For more info on organizing your Hetalia Day event, check out the updated FAQ.)

There’s also a new section in the site called “Hetalia Day Wanted Here!”. This can be used to check if there’s enough interest for a Hetalia Day in your location.



I’d like to thank  rosel-d who lent us his fanart for this year’s banner. His style is reminiscent of Himaruya’s so it easily caught my attention. Visit his deviantART for more Himaruya-esque Hetalia fanart.

(If you’d like to use the banner above for your meetup, here is the template as a PSD.)