Hetalia Day 2012 is on 20 October, Saturday!

Hetalia Day 2012

The poll for the date of this year’s Hetalia Day is now closed, and the winning date is 20 October 2012, a Saturday.

As previously mentioned, from past experience not everyone is able to hold their Hetalia Day event on the same day, so October 20 is just a recommended date.

If you are an organizer, you may now submit your meetup for inclusion in the directory.

Send the following to [email protected]:
[1] Your Hetalia Day location (country and province/state/city)
[2] Your email address (if for any reason your email address doesn’t appear in your email)
[3] Your Hetalia Day webpage

All news will be posted on the blogĀ and most of them will be cross-posted on Tumblr/Livejournal/etc.

Please note that it is only July, and that it’s around August-September that most organizers plan their meetups. So don’t be discouraged if there are only a few meetups for now.