Happy Hetalia Day!

In case you missed my email:

It might be a little early for some countries, but it’s already Hetalia Day in some places! So happy UN Day, and happy Hetalia Day!

Just a reminder: email your photos and videos to me ([email protected]). So I can put them up on our Facebook fanpage, hetalia-day.com and on YouTube. If you’ve already uploaded them somewhere, you could just send me the link.

And for the meetups, have fun, go a little crazy, but let’s all be responsible adults okay? And be safe!

Hetalia Day 2009 Updates

Hi to all the local organizers/hosts of Hetalia Day 2009! Hetalia Day is a week away, aren’t you all excited?

Let me thank you for helping organize this event. As of the latest count, we have Hetalia Day celebrations on 97 locations in 24 countries, and everyday it keeps increasing. Amazing, isn’t it?

A few reminders:

1) Please take photos (and videos, if possible). Please send/link to hetalia.day@gmail so I can put them up in the site, on Facebook, and contribute to the APHcosplayvid project. I also made a YouTube channel, just in case (hetaliaday09) .

2) If possible, please take photos with your national flag included. The flag of your country, not the character you’re cosplaying. If that’s not possible, a banner/poster indicating your location would suffice.

3) If there’s any changes in your plans (contact person, etc), please tell me so I can make the corresponding changes in the directory. Even if you post in Hetalia@LJ, I might have missed it.

4) If I posted your email on the directory and somehow spam gets in your inbox, sorry! The contact details will only be available until October 24 and after that, I’ll remove them.

5) We’re also on Twitter and Facebook, in case you don’t know.

I think that’s it. This is cross-posted on LJ and FB for those not on the mailing list.

Thank you very much!