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Fans from the following locations wish to have a local meetup. If you see fellow Hetalians from nearby, why not form your own get-together? (Remember, Hetalia Day is a fan-run event. We do not go to your city and organize a meetup there; everything is done by locals like you.)

Comment your location below, and I’ll add it to this wishlist. For the full list of official events, visit  the directory.


  1. Heather Dixon says:

    I finally convinced my parents to let me go to Hetalia day, thinking it was at epcot, And.. I don’t see anything? Is someone going to organize that, hopefully? If not.. ehmm.. exactly how complicated is it to organize it? I really, really want to do the meet-up in epcot, and I have quite a few friends who want to go, too!
    ~A worried Fem!Prussia from SpringHill, Fl

    • lissie says:

      Same thing with me. Ive seen the meetup every year except for this one. And after three years I finally worked up the courage to publicly cosplay. ):

  2. Francesca Nadine says:

    Hello, I would like to host a Hetalia meet up in Greeley, Colorado. This is my first meet up that I’m hosting, so I hope this year will be a success. 🙂 I’d also greatly appreciate it y’all can give me some tips? ¯\_(?)_/¯

  3. September says:

    Does someone else want to meet up in Denver, CO? Or really anywhere in CO close to that, I went for my first time last year and it was a blast 🙂

  4. Kenzie says:

    I was wondering if anyone would be willing to meet up in Utah, or as close as possible if you would it would be extremely helpful. ?

  5. Rayne Cassin-Brown says:

    I live in Missouri and really want there to be a meet up here again! i love it the first time i went but now the people who did it don’t do it any more. Could we maybe get one here? hopefully near Springfield, Poplar Bluff, or West Plains?

  6. Zyanya Calvillo says:

    I want a meeting in Monterrey, Mexico! It’s been years since the last one so it’ll be perfect if they add a date for it! We could meet at cintermex, fundidora or another famous place where they let us meet! PLEASE!

  7. Brittany says:

    Hoping for a meetup in or around Charlotte, North Carolina!! I haven’t had the opportunity to go in 4 years and would hateto miss out now that I can go!

  8. Thia says:

    Anyone for a meetup near Phillidelphia or Harrisburg (the Capitol) in Pensylvania, USA? I live kinda near the Capitol, and really want to go to a meetup, but I have yet to get my permit, and my parents don’t want to drive more than an hour to get there unless there is stuff for them to do in the area.

  9. Anonymous Hetalian says:

    I’m only 12, so I can’t drive or organize an event, but I would love to have a Hetalia Day near or at Great Neck in New York, USA..

  10. GILBIRD IS BAE says:

    Hi!!!!! Can I get a meetup in Omaha, Nebraska? I finally convinced my parents to let me go to a meet by honhonhon-ing nonstop and randomly bursting out in Hetalian dance numbers (yeah, turns out its not considered “normal” in public XD ) and I found out that there isn’t one posted yet…oops \(“-“)/ ZE AWESOME (FEM!) PRUSSIA NEEDS A HETALIA DAY <3

  11. K says:

    There needs to be a Hetalia day in Fort Smith, Arkansas or somewhere near!
    I live in the middle of nowhere and Forth Smith is the closest city near me

  12. dat boi -- says:

    hey– i wouldn’t be able to host a meetup because i am very young (not that young you know haha, but still early teens), so i was wondering if anyone would want to host a meet up in DC?? that would be a pretty good place for a meet up in my opinion.

  13. Kiim says:

    Is someone making a meet up in Dallas, Texas? cuz
    i checked the directory and no ones making one near me. There has been meetings in the past in my area but there’s nothing on the directory,

  14. Vala says:

    I’m on 13, so I can’t organize an event, but I was wondering if anyone is going to make a Hetalia Day meetup near or at Charleston, South Carolina?

  15. Alessia says:

    Anyone thinking of doing one in MN or somewhere close to Eau Claire, WI? I’ve never been to a Hetalia Day meetup, but it sounds like a lot of fun!

  16. Eirikur says:

    I’m still hoping to see one show up in Colorado. I’ve already gone twice (2014 and 2015) and it was a lot of fun.

  17. The Cat Lover says:

    I’m under 16 and I would like a meet up in Houston, Texas for my friends and I. Can anyone organize a meet up there?

  18. RusserThePeepo says:

    Is anybody able to set one up in Tasmania, Australia? Preferably Hobart but I’m able to go to Launceston (4 Hour bus ride)
    I would set one up myself but I’m under 16 and I have no money to set things up.

  19. Shirley says:

    I’m 20 and can probably start one in connecticut, but I’m really terrible at hosting events and being the one everyone has to count on. But if anyone else wants to do one in CT, I’ll be happy to help out!

  20. Anna says:

    Hey, guys! So this year is going to be my first Hetalia day or I was thinking so until I saw that my city wasn’t have a meet up yet. I really was looking forward too it, and was hoping to find people who love Hetalia and cosplaying around my area. Please, I would love to meet some amazing people if someone has a meetup at Pittsburgh, PA. – Sincerely a Shy and Worried Canada

  21. A spoopy elf that loves Hetalia says:

    I was wondering if anyone else would want one near Portland, Oregon. I might go to the one in Washington(if it’s still there).This is my first year that I might be able to go a Hetalia day and I think my parents would be more likely to agree if it was a little closer. I would love to set one up but I’m only 15.

  22. Karlamity says:

    I normally attend in Toronto, Ontario. But this year I’ll be in Copenhagen, Denmark. So I’m wondering if there has been any word on one occurring somewhere in Denmark?

  23. Uwi says:

    I hope someone making meet up in Surabaya, Indonesia.
    I don’t really have much time to go to Jakarta.
    Well, kinda sad I can’t meet other hetalians in real life till now …

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