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Disclaimer:  Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya, Gentosha Comics, Studio DEEN and the respective local distributors.

Hetalia Day wouldn’t exist if not for hetalia, hetalia_ph and hetaliaday.

Graphics and Design

pangxie221, legolaslover, 777, rosel-d, RSpanner, and all the photographers and participants who’ve shared their photos.

The theme used here is Make by The Theme Foundry.


azurewhite, arthal, meroha, miriahofthewind, marriot_chan, Kristen W., mame48,  kumamama, keigan, mountebank

Gisella, Racquel, Luanna, Patricia, Aliss, Fenlaf, Janet, Léna, Elisa, Mimie, Rosa,  Szabo, Marianna, Subaru, Hidei

Hetalia Day BH, Ana R., YipYip, Sebastian R.




Thanks to all past and present contributors!